3 Types of Leaders – Which Are You?


Are you a Leader or Manager… or Both?

In corporate business there is a lot of talk about what is a leader and what is a manager.

While there is a big difference between a leader and a manager… does it matter?

As you will soon find out, the answer is YES.

What if I was to take this one step further and tell you there was a third perspective?

To get this out of the way first… the corporate world highly values both managers and leaders  and we need to continue to strive to grow both.

What is a manager?

  • A manager is responsible for controlling or administering all or some parts of a company.
  • At a very high-level a manager manages things or processes.
  • While other people may be involved in the process, a manager performs activities personally and not through the people.
  • Managers strive for adherence to existing processes.
  • Conformance is the primary objective when acting, thinking and behaving like a manager.

What is a Leader?

  • A leader gets things done through other people by investing in people and setting activities in motion that have a future payoff.
  • A leader will invest in their people by mentoring, coaching, teaching, and facilitating so followers will grow and learn to be more and more effective.
  • Leaders inspire the hearts of people to think, believe, act, and behave differently in a direction that positively serves an organization or enterprise.

The 3rd Perspective –The Hybrid

Are you a manager or leader… well you need to be both but not at the same time. Think of the above definitions of manager and leaders as tools and not as roles. By simply changing this mindset you create a concept of “both and” instead of “or”.

At times you will need to act like a manager by bringing the team into compliance or tracking and reporting on key data. At other times you will need to inspire your team toward a worthy cause, even in difficult times. By holding this concept inside yourself and honing your skill as both a manager and leader you will become indispensable to your organization and clients.  How so?

Like it or not, people have a tendency to seek routine. That is why we take the same route to work every day, stop at the same coffee shop, park in nearly same spot, etc. It just makes everything easier.

When a person begins a role as a manager or leader they have a tendency to go toward their strength. If you are good with people you tend to spend more effort leading and if you are good with compliance then you tend to spend more time with managing things and processes.

If you think about it and are honest with yourself you will find that you enjoy one or the other more and tend to have grown skills in that area and left the other one dormant.

Which type of leader are you? Leave your comment and any questions here. I’ll reply to you personally.

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