Are you the CEO of your Leadership Domain?


Leadership Domain

YES, you are!

Your leadership domain are the people that you lead including those that report to you, ‘dotted line’ to you, vendors, consultants, and even temps. Regardless of the reporting structure you have the awesome responsibility to lead those that contribute to your mission.

That makes you their Chief Executive Officer. If this sounds peculiar, consider that unless you report directly to the CEO, most people view the CEO as someone at a distant that is hopefully make the right decisions and keeping the enterprise alive and vibrant. Rarely do most people interact with the CEO so they really have not established a relationship with the CEO.


Risk of being comfortable. (Extends well beyond you)

Let’s face it we want comfort. We establish a vision and set of goals to reach so that one day we can be comfortable. iStock_000023362926SmallThis is really a human nature and driving need… it is also a place of danger.

What happens to us during this climb or quest to reach this set of goals? Were you energized, challenged in a good way, growing, learning, creating, and innovative? You felt alive!


Are we missing an opportunity? (The Contributor Model for Leaders)


For decades organizations have wrestled with what to call the people in the organization that produce work products.

Well intended leaders may call them subordinates, resources, or followers while some leaders are more possessive and call them my employees or my people or even my staff.

Most people just accept the situation at face value as it is what it is.

Are we missing an opportunity?


Leadership Goals: Why you Want to Make your People Uncomfortable

Not so SMARTGoalsIs the goal setting process for you bland and an administrative pain? Your people most likely think the same way and dread it just as much as you do.

Maybe you are too SMART.

If I told you that there is a fun and exciting way of setting goals that will produce astounding results… would you have the courage to do it?


How Are You Different From Your Competitors?


…from your Competitors

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Businesses today need a differentiator to stay competitive. You need something that makes your product or service unique. How do you stand out?

What if you don’t have a differentiator?

Can you create one without changing your product or service?

The simple answer is… YES, here is how.


8 Steps to Boost your Financial Results


Your People are the Key!

Want to improve your financial results this year?

I know who wouldn’t?

Does it seem that each year you are expected to lead your team to more and greater financial results?

Does it also feel like you don’t really have any new tools or strategies?

If so, you are not alone.

What if I told you the answer to boosting your financial results is held right in your own team… literally!


The Key to Effective Leadership (isn’t what you think it is)


Is it what you ask or when you ask a questions?

Have you ever communicated a message to your entire team expecting that each person will perform as you want them only to be disappointed in the results during a follow-up?

You may wonder, “Why can’t they understand a simple message?”

You most likely communicated to the team excellently. Some of the people performed as you hoped for but not everyone.




3 Types of Leaders – Which Are You?


Are you a Leader or Manager… or Both?

In corporate business there is a lot of talk about what is a leader and what is a manager.

While there is a big difference between a leader and a manager… does it matter?

As you will soon find out, the answer is YES.

What if I was to take this one step further and tell you there was a third perspective?


How are you impacting your bonus?


Learn the Impact of the Recursive and Reflective Effect

As a leader, did you ever stop to think about how many lives you touch with everything you do or say (or don’t do or say)? Regardless if you believe you are an effective or ineffective leader you have a broader impact than you may believe.

Recursive Effect

What if you were having a bad day and treated an employee harshly late on a Friday? They, in turn treat their friends and family badly all weekend. And in turn treat others badly… The cycle continues. READ MORE »