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Are you the CEO of your Leadership Domain?

YES, you are!

Your leadership domain are the people that you lead including those that report to you, ‘dotted line’ to you, vendors, consultants, and even temps. Regardless of the reporting structure you have the awesome responsibility to lead those that contribute to your mission.

That makes you their Chief Executive Officer. If this sounds peculiar, consider that unless you report directly to the CEO, most people view the CEO […]

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Risk of being comfortable. (Extends well beyond you)

Let’s face it we want comfort. We establish a vision and set of goals to reach so that one day we can be comfortable. iStock_000023362926SmallThis is really a human nature and driving need… it is also a place of danger.

What happens to us during this climb or quest to reach this set of goals? […]

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Leadership Goals: Why you Want to Make your People Uncomfortable

The SMART Goals were revolutionary a half-century ago. Try a modern approach.

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The Key to Effective Leadership (isn’t what you think it is)

There is a single key to become an incredible leader for your team.

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