Are you the CEO of your Leadership Domain?


Leadership Domain

YES, you are!

Your leadership domain are the people that you lead including those that report to you, ‘dotted line’ to you, vendors, consultants, and even temps. Regardless of the reporting structure you have the awesome responsibility to lead those that contribute to your mission.

That makes you their Chief Executive Officer. If this sounds peculiar, consider that unless you report directly to the CEO, most people view the CEO as someone at a distant that is hopefully make the right decisions and keeping the enterprise alive and vibrant. Rarely do most people interact with the CEO so they really have not established a relationship with the CEO.

In contrast, the people that you lead… interact with you, know you, listen to you, trust you, and look to you to help them learn and grow… in their world you are their CEO.

How to leverage this new perspective:

  • It eliminates any backdoor escape thinking so you cannot defer to a higher power. This in itself can sharpen your focus.
  • Think more holistically about everyone that is involved in supporting your mission beyond your ‘key’ people or direct reports.
  • Evaluate methods to protect your leadership domain in the short-term and most importantly in the long-term.
  • Connect and collaborate with people to establish a learning–growing environment.
  • Take the pulse of the customer. Use direct connection and ask some hard questions that will help you grow as a leader. This is not a survey or email.

How do you get started doing this?

  1. Identify everyone that contributes to your mission in a big and very small way.

Take some “feet up on the desk” time to think about everyone that touches your mission. Many will be obvious but as you think through all of the activities you will find that it is a huge number. Write the names down, including their role. That is your ‘new’ team.

  1. Wall-off your leadership domain from outside influences, even your own company.

Shoulder as much outside influences as you possible can. The majority will be internal, but becomes a distraction for your team and therefore a distraction in reaching your mission. You must keep your team focused, learning, and growing.

  1. Ask your customers very pointed and specific hard questions about your leadership and how well your people serve them.

Take some time to jot down some questions that may address lingering customer issues along with forward thinking innovative questions. Commit them to memory and go have deep and meaningful dialog with your customer where you spend at least 80% of your time listening. Take the unedited results back to your team to create a strategy to respond to the customer needs.

  1. Establish a vibrant learning–growing environment. This is a shift from any form of command and control hierarchy and investing in a collaboration leadership strategy.

Once you have your business strategy established you must implement your leadership strategy. If you currently do not have a leadership strategy then this is perfect time to create and implement learning–growing leadership strategy that will positively impact your people and results in the short and long-term. If you do have a leadership strategy create and execute a plan to shift to a learning–growing leadership strategy.

What are your thoughts about you as the CEO of your Leadership Domain? Please share you comments with the community below…

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