How Are You Different From Your Competitors?


…from your Competitors

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Businesses today need a differentiator to stay competitive. You need something that makes your product or service unique. How do you stand out?

What if you don’t have a differentiator?

Can you create one without changing your product or service?

The simple answer is… YES, here is how.

If you have a product or service that may be easily obtained from your competitor, then you can easily create a differentiator by inviting your client inside of your process, especially when you are creating something new.

By inviting your clients inside your operation you may:

1.       Improve Your Overall Client Status

How your client views you as a leader in your company is dependent on how well your client connects or identifies with you and the service you provide. By involving your client inside your business tells them that their input matters and therefore they matter.

2.       Leverage Change

Changes are not only common; you can count on change being a part of your business. Your client may help you capitalize on changes by helping you make more effective decisions. Clients then can help steer outcomes making clients further involved.

3.       Resolve Issues More Effectively

If issues arise then your client will have firsthand experience with the issue and offer advice for you to resolve issues more efficiently. This creates partnership with your clients.

4.       Increase Client Loyalty

Clients that are involved are more apt to repeat business with you instead of your competitors. If they help build it, they are less likely to go somewhere else.

How do you do it?

If you don’t already involve your client today, what can you do to create a differentiator?

  • If your client is paying you for a service today, implement a series of checkpoints or better yet, create workshops that bring your client inside the operation.
  • Include your client in key meetings that involve decisions, issue resolution, or changes. Make sure you immerse them in the meeting and ask for their input.
  • If you create products; use focus groups, forums, or communities to get client involvement. People that are a part of the outcome of product companies may help spread the word.
  • Get creative. Ask your team for their ideas. Ask your clients how they would like to be involved and what that would do for them… listen to them.

Think about how you can make changes that will include your client by asking yourself:

  • Can I include my client more than I do today?
  • Is there a way that my client can get more hands on versus being involved through reports?
  • How will having my client involved improve issue resolution?

What do you do today? Do you involve your clients or exclude your clients? Please share your comments.

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