Scott McKimmyScott McKimmy’s mission is to help organizational leaders fall back in love with their leadership role, one that brings back the passion and drive they once had. And deliver on the dreams they may have lost.

It is no secret that many leaders sacrifice their own health and family relationships, work too many hours, and take stacks of work home on weekends. Yet they may also have declining profits, good people leaving and clients firing them. While this is not the best strategy, many of those same leaders continue to get up every day and do it all over again believing that today is the day that it will all turn around only to let months, quarters, years… an entire career go by without actually doing something different.

Scott’s background includes 30 years of experience working in various leadership capacities from first-line leader to senior executive leadership that comprises a $2 Billion portfolio, several hundred person organizations, and clients in Information Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Consumer Goods, Government, Health Care, and Pharmaceuticals. Scott has held roles that involve service delivery, sales, business development, project management and business support. Scott has helped leaders create new ways of leading successfully in one-on-one settings along with group settings ranging from 12 to over 200 people.

As a peer of yours, Scott knows you need a different way of leading so in parallel to his enriching leadership career he created strategies that ultimately resulted in a program: 3 Pivotal Steps to Become an Incredible Leader. This program helps leaders understand that some simple changes will make an incredible difference in their outcomes and most importantly they will learn that success is not their knowledge of their financial picture alone but through their ability to connect with people.